Mapping Scientific Consensus on Global Marine Priorities

With generous funding from the Italian Ministry of the Environment, OSA has conducted a study revealing consensus on priority areas in the ocean at a global scale. The idea arose from the 2016 Rome Conference, where diplomats urged the scientific community to map and describe areas where MPAs are especially needed and prioritize protection of vulnerable species and habitats…” Discussions following the conference produced a simple but novel idea: to collate existing global mapping efforts, reveal where there is agreement on priority areas, and calculate the extent of such agreement. To find a consensus, our study merges ten major UN and NGO prioritization initiatives into one map. 

The study is currently in submission to a scientific journal, and OSA will be building a web-based platform so that the results can be viewed at a finer scale. It is our hope that the study will be a valuable tool to direct attention, funding, and action toward protecting important areas in the global ocean.