Ambassador Beck to Deliver Millennials petition to the Secretary General

A petition signed by over 5,000 students and activists from around the world will be conveyed to Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations by Stuart Beck, Palau's Ambassador for Oceans and Seas. The petition, which is the first of its kind, calls on the United Nations to adopt the Sustainable Development Goal on the Ocean now under consideration by the UN General Assembly. Passage of the goal will make the restoration of ocean health a priority for all member states, international agencies, and civil society for the next fifteen years.

The  petition was organized by the Georgetown Chapter of the Sustainable Oceans Alliance, chaired by undergraduate Daniela Fernandez. It was announced at an April 25th Symposium on campus attended by prominent scientists, government officials, and over five hundred members of the Georgetown Community. Facilitated by Georgetown Board of Governors members George Peacock and Maria Devaney, the event was a great success, and will fortify a growing international  movement to reverse the decline of the ocean and the extinction of the fishstocks. 

The Georgetown chapter of the Sustainable Oceans Alliance is the largest and most active student organization of its type in the United States, and is a model for universities around the world.